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As a pet owner that cares for his little, furry companion, you may wonder which is the best animal hospital in Toronto. At Islington Village, you will find a specialized team of veterinarians to help with any emergency or regular checkups if necessary.

The difference between an animal hospital and a clinic

An animal hospital offers higher standards of service than a regular vet clinic, and it is not limited to examinations and diagnosis only. In a vet hospital, doctors can perform surgery if needed and will provide prevention and medical treatments as well. An animal hospital, just like a human-oriented facility, will also be able to provide accommodation and nursing care for their patients.

A veterinary board or association will look for several things before approving a veterinary practice to become a veterinary hospital:

Facilities - designated rooms for the surgical theatre, and a separated  X-ray room will be required. The size of the cages and the ventilation must also meet specific requirements.

Staff - all vets and nurses must be fully certified, and they must keep written records of their accreditation. They will be required to take regular training to keep their knowledge up to date.

Records – a veterinary hospital must keep accurate health records of all the patients, and these must be of a high standard.

Equipment – should be suitable for the purpose, up to date, of high quality and properly maintained. A veterinary library must also exist at the facility.

Pharmacy – a well-stocked pharmacy with a wide range of pharmaceuticals must be present inside the hospital.

How do you choose a new vet?

As a pet owner, you are the only one who knows what is best for your companion, so you must start your search by making a “wish list” with your expectations. Such a list may contain things like location, emergency number availability, does the hospital offer evening and weekend hours, and the list can go on. If you have a vet, but you are looking to change him, ask yourself what did not go well last time and note it down.

When looking for the best animal hospital in Toronto, you should also check if anyone from the staff is fear-free certified. A valuable resource in your search is the other pet parents in your community from where you can get insights and personal recommendations. After you short-listed the potential vet hospitals, take an appointment and make a facility tour to be sure that they are meeting your requirements.

What is a pet-friendly hospital?

As you may have expected, a pet-friendly environment is the hospital’s commitment to ensuring the emotional well-being of your companion while under treatment. A pet-friendly practice implemented in the best animal hospital in Toronto is designed to elevate the care of your pet by reducing the stress during hospital visits.

At Islington Village, we are dedicated to understand the unique needs and behaviors of your pet and to create a friendly environment for a stress-free veterinary visit. Our approach is to handle our patients in a gentle, empathetic manner to improve the quality of our services.

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